AvaxVault FAQ

What is this project?

AvaxVault is an ROI generator dapp. This simply means that through a combination of game theory and taxation, you can earn a compounded rate for locking up some of your AVAX for a period of time. The yield bonus is paid out from deposits and taxes.

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Who is the Team?

We are a small group of friends who work in defi and gaming and want to build an ecosystem of tools built on transparency and education. There should be no reason these technologies can't be adopted by the mainstream if these values are promoted and supported more in the space.

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How does it work?

AvaxVault pays out 184% to 528% over 14 to 28 days on deposits into the system. When you make a deposit, the deposit is taxed, and then goes to the vault. The vault is used to pay out yields to previous depositors.

After your time-lock period is over you can withdraw your yield bonus while the contract still has a balance. Once deposited, the deposit cannot be withdrawn, only the interest can be withdrawn.

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Why did you build this?

We have been building swap and bridge tooling for a while and we find the psychology of ROI generators as fascinating as we do the tokenomics.

We have made some changes in this contract by removing the unlocked plans, and we have implemented a whale-tax system to keep the contract balance as healthy as possible.

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What is the Whale-Tax system?

Whales who get in at the beginning of ROI generators can be a real problem when the first deposits mature because they can quickly drain the liquidity.

To mitigate this, large withdrawls will suffer a 30% for anything over 5000 AVAX, 25% for anything over 2500, 20% for anything over 1000, and everyone else pays only a 10% withdrawl tax in AVAX.

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It is a scam?

No. This is not a scam. Our contract does exactly what we say it does, and we have no access to change its internal values, like yield and tax percentages. We also cannot access the funds held in the vault. There is no way for the team to do a rug, hard or soft.

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It is a Ponzi scheme?

Yes. This is based on ponzinomics. It is a first-come, first-serve system that pays yields and referral bonuses to the depositors who came in early and mid-game, and the depositors who come in late can end up with a 0% yield.

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Should I borrow money or use my life savings to deposit?

Absolutely NOT. Only put in what you can afford to lose. This is much closer to a game than it is to an investment. We are not an investment vehicle. This is not a regulated product. But it is an honest product.

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Is the code audited?

The code is verified on snowtrace, and we are currently shopping for the right auditor who has experience in ROI apps. As soon as we are audited it will be put into the site header, and linked here.

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